22 Feb 14 at 6 pm
tags: personal  words 
me: i will save money and go to blizzcon this year
universe: no u wont, im breaking ur car lolol
13 Feb 14 at 2 pm
tags: personal  words 

dogs are better than everyone.

I am drowning my sorrows in tumblr humor until Blizzard fixes it.

and I’m disproportionately excited. I’ve missed you hilarious, beautiful people.

PS by “finished” I mean I got through season 5.

I can’t get on tumblr anymore because I started watching Supernatural and tumblr is all spoilers all the time

28 Nov 13 at 8 pm
tags: personal  text 


I’m thankful for every person who doesn’t eat a dead animal today.

31 Oct 13 at 4 pm
tags: personal  words  pokemon  fandom 

all i care about is doing research on bulbapedia pls leave me alone

17 Oct 13 at 2 pm

every day is halloween

every day is halloween
12 Oct 13 at 11 pm
tags: personal  words 

How I do dishes

me: hot water is touching it
me: okay it's clean
02 Oct 13 at 3 pm

I think my hair shrank.

I think my hair shrank.